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NGIN creates Member Spotlight Videos, featuring a one-on-one interview with an NGIN member. We distribute a Masterclass informational series, in video and carousel formats for entrepreneurs. NGIN also produces sponsored industry events known as the Global Round Table Series. Additionally, NGIN produced the Innovation Ecosystem Series, illuminating the methodology NGIN uses to generate growth in cities and regions globally.

NGIN Global Round Table Series, Sponsored by LADWP

Solar Justice: Bringing Climate Inequalities to Light (02/15/24)
Recording of the Joint NGIN/LADWP Round Table discussion on the social and economic inequalities in clean energy access.

Transitioning to a Carbon-Neutral Future Roundtable (OECD 04/29/21)
Recording of the Joint NGIN/LADWP OECD-Edition Round Table discussion on the path to a carbon-neutral future.

Transitioning to a Carbon-Neutral Future Roundtable (Americas 04/28/21)
Recording of the Joint NGIN/LADWP Americas-Edition Round Table discussion on the path to a carbon-neutral future.

Why Hydrogen? Why Now?
The Network for Global Innovation (NGIN), in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), is proud to present our latest Global Round Table, “Why Hydrogen? Why Now?” This live webinar will focus on simplifying the world’s smallest, yet potentially most powerful element.

NGIN Member Spotlight Series

Cycle Momentum, Canada This month’s Spotlight is on Cycle Momentum, a Montreal-based accelerator and open innovation platform that brings together an international collective of entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. Watch as Tom White interviews CEO Patrick Gagné about the challenges and solutions to developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Montreal.

For more information on Cycle Momentum, check out their website

ELEMENTAL EXCELERATOR, U.S.A. In our newest web series, we’re putting our members into the Spotlight! Today, we’re looking at Elemental Excelerator! A Hawaiian startup accelerator, Elemental Excelerator’s programs lie in the crossroads of social equity and innovation, as they seek to address the biggest climate issues affecting frontline communities.

CLEANTECH OPEN, U.S.A. In our newest web series, we’re putting our members into the Spotlight! Today, we’re looking at Cleantech Open (CTO) with Executive Director Ken Hayes! CTO is the world’s largest cleantech accelerator where early-stage companies focusing on energy, transportation, water, waste and much more can get the help they need in order to scale their business and compete in the American market.

In our newest web series, we’re putting our members into the Spotlight! Today, we’re looking at The Borderstep Institute of Innovation and Sustainability (Borderstep) with co-founder and CEO Dr. Severin Beucker! Take a look to see how this German-based research organization is working to transform an entire region into a sustainable, climate-neutral data hub.

Want to learn how an incubator with 650 startups produced 38 unicorns? This month’s NGIN Spotlight is focused on China, and the incredible cleantech transformation underway in one of the world’s largest markets. Tom interviewed CEO Richard Tan of NGIN member InnoSpace, with six locations across Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Nanjing. Learn what makes this impressive Chinese-based incubator so unique, and the roles global startups can play.

This month’s Spotlight is on Startup Genome, a world-leading research and policy advisory organization for public and private agencies committed to accelerating the success of their startup ecosystem. Watch as Tom White interviews CEO JF Gauthier about what he sees as the biggest challenge in the cleantech world: the scale-up gap, illustrated by their newly-released Global Startup Ecosystem Report: Cleantech Edition.

The NGIN Innovation Ecosystem Series

Interested in learning more about NGIN in 60 seconds or less? Then check out our newest blog series “Fred Talks”.

What We Do
Interested in how NGIN works? Want to know how we came to be? NGIN CEO Fred Walti explains all that and more in his newest “Fred Talk”.

Innovation Is Not A Dirty Word
In his latest “Fred Talk”, NGIN CEO Fred Walti explains the importance of innovation, as well as how NGIN got its name.

5X Economy
What is a 5X Economy? Why do we need it? And how do we attain it? NGIN CEO Fred Walti discusses this new economic model in his latest Fred Talk.

The NGIN Innovation Ecosystem Model
NGIN CEO Fred Walti introduces the NGIN Innovation Ecosystem Model in his latest Fred Talk. Keep a lookout for future Fred Talks for more details on the 7 Pillars.

Pillar No°1: Policy Leadership
Take a look at the first pillar of the NGIN Innovation Ecosystem Model: Leadership in Fred Walti’s latest Fred Talk.

Pillar No°2: Innovation Sources
Moving on to the next pillar of the NGIN Innovation Ecosystem Model, Fred Walti explores Innovation Sources. Just how important are they?

Pillar No°3: Innovation Hubs
On to the next pillar of the NGIN Innovation Ecosystem Model. Today, Fred Walti explains Innovations Hubs. What are they, and how can they be improved?

Pillar No°4: Funding Access
Funding is among the most important criteria for the development of an innovation ecosystem. But how can leaders and entrepreneurs best attract impact investors to get that funding? Fred Walti shares his perspective.

Pillar No°5: Innovation Workforce
Access to innovation and entrepreneurial talent is a critical piece for the development of the innovation ecosystem. Cultivating and fostering that talent is essential. How can that be best achieved? What kind of training is needed? Fred Walti shares his perspective.

Pillar No°6: Stakeholder Mobilization
On to the next pillar of the NGIN Innovation Ecosystem Model. Today, Fred Walti explains Stakeholder Mobilization. What exactly does that mean? And why is it so critical?

Pillar No°7: Market Connectivity
Fred Walti explores the final pillar of the NGIN Innovation Ecosystem Model: Market Connectivity. Learn how global connections are important, and how they became the foundation of NGIN’s mission statement!

LACI Co-founder Fred Walti interviews former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa about their experience building the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, and how it fueled one of the country’s largest Green Economies.

Masterclass Video Series

NGIN’s Chief Revenue Officer Tom White presents an animated story that illustrates how a vision of the future has the transformative power to create change at scale in the post-COVID economy.

This video describes how entrepreneurs can measure the financial, social, and environmental impact of their companies for impact investors seeking to make investment in companies making a double bottom-line difference.

This video explains how TAM, SAM, and SOM can be used to achieve your goals, convince investors of your product’s selling power, and build market leadership.

We Are Innovation 2030
Tom White interviews founder and CEO Fred Walti about the creation of “WE ARE INNOVATION 2030” and the design to create a 5x economy.

NGIN Masterclass Carousels

3-Minute Presentation Masterclass:
“Check out the steps to create the best 3-minute business impression!”

30-Second Pitch Masterclass:
“We hear from investors that one of the biggest hurdles to funding companies is understanding their story. See how to master the pitch here!”

Future Masterclass:
Do you know about Minimum Viable Product? If not, then take a look here!

Small Idea Masterclass:
“The most successful entrepreneurs started from one small idea, which almost anyone can conceive. But perseverance toward the idea along with guidance to make it scalable, creating market leaders”

Trust Masterclass:
“Of the many factors that determine success in investment pitching, one stands above the rest: Trust”. (Ths description is for the masterclass that says “Ready for pitch investment? You need to build this”)

Value Proposition Masterclass:
“A great value proposition is a key that unlocks customer and investor attraction. Are you ready to generate next-level growth?:

Business Growth Masterclass:
“What do you need to grow your business? The answer may surprise you”

Traction Masterclass:
Traction is one of the most valuable measurements of success for entrepreneurs, yet also one of the most volatile. Learn more about it here.

Market Leaders Masterclass:
“Which is more important, your product or the value you offer to the market? Here are seven examples of leaders who put value far ahead of product to lead their markets”

Do you know about niche position?
Do you know why creating a niche market is the key to your business growth?

Fred Talks Series

On Diversity and Inclusion
Our President and CEO Fred Walti describes the importance of diversity and how it is key to fostering innovation in organizations of all kinds.

Fred Walti shares his thoughts about the reality of climate change during his motorcycle trip amidst the wildfires in the American West.

V O T E ! ! !
It’s really important that we come out next Tuesday to vote! I hope you’re with me!

Hope For the Future, Ready To Make Progress
I am dedicating myself for the next few years to making the sustainable technology world successful.

Fred Walti at the Salton Sea
Turning Brine into Lithium: Transforming the Salton Sea into a global battery R&D Center.

NGIN CEO Fred Walti shares his thoughts on ways to transition from fossil fuels to sustainable forms of energy.

The RV Industry Challenge
Live from Mexico, NGIN CEO Fred Walti shares his thoughts on transitioning to a carbon-neutral future, relying on both a personal and practical example: his own RV.

You Can Run, But Can’t Hide from Climate Change
Coming live from the Mountains of New Mexico, NGIN CEO Fred Walti recounts his past about trying to escape from climate change-induced natural disasters. But as he explains, we can try to run, but we cannot hide from the danger of Climate Change.