Sanjay Poojary

You guys are real rock stars !!! I started this tour not knowing what to expect but you have really exceed all my expectations. I started the session on Sunday and the first two days were just exceptional. On day one as we went through the program I couldn’t help but wonder what amount of serious planning must have taken place to make this so effortless. I came out of day one  feeling empowered at several fronts and feel confident to venture into a new market like Mexico.

Sanjay PoojaryCEO, Saya Life
Antoine Moreau

Now (after this program) we are ready to do a roadmap to transform our institutions and to tell (the story of) our journey

The EIR program is a really interesting model — it prepares and helps companies with basic methodology — helping companies to be focused

It is important to be outside of your company for a week, see a different model, pick the key points, and bring them back to (your country)

Antoine MoreauManager of Innovation and Talent, Sistema Fiep, Brazil
Rolf Satake

My favorite part of the program was how Fred, Kevin and Liz covered all of our needs and helped us with self-discovery

(We) learned a lot about the entrepreneurial ecosystem here — its a very interesting place to do business

Rolf SatakeIncubation Manager, PTI-Brazil
Julien Uhlig

Using the NGIN network in Japan as well as the marketing efforts in China have been incredibly helpful to our market expansion.

As of today, we found a funder for the Mexican market as discussed during the Cleantech Trade Tour visit. Growing a Cleantech company in the US alone is incredibly difficult, therefore I strongly encourage companies to look at highly subsidized and or high energy cost markets in order to establish their business. It has been extremely beneficial to us in raising our $ 45 Mil. seed round in the UK.

Julien UhligCEO, Arensis (Germany)
Giordano Sordoni

Here’s a summary of the value NGIN has provided us:

  • Deeper insight to the business climate with respect to clean tech that we wouldn’t have found on our own
  • Access to potential investors in clean tech
  • We met several people with connections to large fleets and are willing to make intros for us, as well as potential contract manufacturing partners
  • We also had an opportunity to pitch our business and get feedback from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Organizationally, the team made the program run smoothly and maximized the opportunity to build relevant relationships through dinners, talks, panels, activities, etc…
Giordano SordoniCOO, Thor Trucks (USA)
Soo Zee and Leigh

Thank you for the awesome exchange program. We were able to get a lot out of all three days, and we appreciate your feedback on our pitch, your suggestions about how to approach partners, and your willingness to patiently answer our questions.

We had a chance to talk to some of the other resident startups and other members of your LACI team. Overall we felt totally welcome and learned a lot.

Thanks again for everything, and be sure to look us up if you’re ever in Korea!”

Soo Zee and LeighCo-founders, Do Stuff (Korea)
Matias Tainela

The networking discussions provided by NGIN are very important to us

Matias TainelaCEO, Altum Technologies (Finland)
Timo Sivula

(My assigned EIR during the program) challenged my thinking and made me think outside the box which is what I was looking for. One of your instals caught me in the hallway and provided me a great lead for both a customer and an investor in my project. The opportunities are absolutely here.

Timo SivulaCEO, Heliostorage (Finland)
Heikki Kalliokoski

I would definitely suggest this program to anyone else — I got a great lead with LADWP and will certainly follow that.

Heikki KalliokoskiCEO, CleanVisio (Finland)
Ari-Pekka Karppo

(The program provided by NGIN was) much more than I could have ever expected. If I had the (one-on-one mentoring) meetings in the beginning I wouldn’t have understood much— your program provided me the opportunity to formulate much better questions by preparing me with information I needed.

Ari-Pekka KarppoCEO, Residentia, Finland