To our friends in Ukraine,

We at NGIN have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with our talented colleagues in Ukraine, including start-up entrepreneurs and leaders of business and government. Working together in the Global Cleantech Innovation Program (GCIP), we’ve been impressed with their commitment to entrepreneurship and dedication to building a better, more sustainable future for themselves and their country.

It is through this partnership that we have realized Ukraine’s potential to become a global entrepreneurial leader and a strong ally in the fight against global climate change.

We express our profound sadness over the events of the past several days and our outrage at the Russian leaders for forcefully trying to impose their values on an independent people. This action by the Russian government will forever shame the Russian people as long as they are led by autocrats and dictators that don’t represent their views.

We salute President Zelensky’s leadership and his commitment to stand with the Ukrainian people to fight for their future, despite the odds of military scale. This is a reminder to all of us that the strength of democracy and the freedom of thinking it allows will never falter so long as we defend it.

We keep Ukraine in our hearts and thoughts during these unprecedented times.

Fred Walti,
President & CEO, NGIN