Mexico City was de-industrialized during the 1980’s and 1990’s due to large GHG emissions of pollutants and waste generation that became public health problems and then economic problems. NGIN member Green Momentum contracted with NGIN to develop an action plan for a cleantech incubator with a prototyping lab. LACI then first implemented the Global Innovation Network Commercialization Program which utilized LACI’s proven model and applied it to the specific economic development needs and goals for cleantech innovation and development in Mexico City.

The World Bank has seven Climate Innovation Centers – five in Africa, one in Jamaica, one in Vietnam. NGIN through LACI was engaged to review the Climate Innovation Center in Ethiopia and make recommendations in four areas: 1) Program enhancement 2) capacity building 3) enhanced resource management 4) provide ongoing customer support and coaching

The State of Washington’s Department of Commerce requested LACI to conduct a gap analysis of the acceleration needs of the state’s clean technology sector and to create specific program development recommendations based on the findings of the gap analysis. This report included recommendations both for acceleration and enterprise incubation including early stage financing needs. The goal of the project was to determine the best role(s) the state may play in closing the gaps given the findings of the needs assessment.


The NGIN team, in partnership with LACI,  is currently working on the development of an Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence for a Northern California city.  This project involves an Ecosystem Scan, a GAP analysis, innovation center plan, financial strategy, preliminary architectural designs and recommended programming.  This Ecosystem Plan is scheduled to be completed in early 2nd Quarter 2018.