NGIN Welcomes Newest Member – National Incubation Center Karachi (NIC Karachi)

NIC Karachi at a Glance

The core objective of NIC Karachi is not just to promote entrepreneurship, but in particular to support and catalyze the creation of disruptive, innovative product-based tech startups that scale, transform and provide a significant market with an economic impact by efficiently allocating assets and resources, reducing market distortions, transaction time and cost by changing the way people live, work and play.

NIC Karachi believes that poverty will primarily be eliminated through disruptive innovation that will make enablers such as energy, agriculture, education and health care available and affordable to the masses of Pakistan, especially the people at the bottom of the pyramid.

To build tech products and undertake business development startups require funding. Therefore the number of incubatee graduates that acquire funding, develop their valuation, exits, and returns to founders and investors are important gauges of an incubator’s success, in addition to metrics like jobs created, revenue generated and disadvantaged lives impacted.

Karachi being the hub of economic activity, financial institutions and the best human capital, we see this opportunity as building an entrepreneurial eco-system in the entire of Pakistan. Our methodology not only focuses on graduating incubates but also on cultivating a culture of prosperity through entrepreneurship by engaging the educated youth.

NIC Karachi is a world-class incubator that will enable entrepreneurs to use technology to solve local and global problems. We believe that technology will be a key driver for disruptive innovation that will make resources accessible for the poor to eliminate poverty.