Tom White

Tom White is a global executive that delivers value to organizations in entertainment, defense, design, technology, education, and the start- up ecosystem, impacting revenues, growth, and innovation.

He is an award-winning product designer, originally from Lockheed-Martin. Reframing Lockheed’s leadership in product innovation, Tom transformed near-bankrupt Lockheed into the world’s largest defense contractor Lockheed-Martin, with a trillion dollar business pipeline and a strategy that redefined industry best-practices.

Tom founded 3DI, an International agency that created market leadership positions for Fortune 500 initiatives. Tom raised $1B to launch the Iridium satellite network for Motorola, established market dominance for Motorola Europe, re-built DAF into the fastest growing brand in the European transport market, showed Philips how to launch first-in-category new products, and taught Volvo’s Swedish communication agencies how to create a brand personality.

He reorganized US-based technology and medical design firms to secure their largest contracts ever, growing those businesses and successfully selling four.

Tom created the Master the Pitch Program for The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), whose portfolio companies attracted more $500M in revenues and investment on the path to growth and acquisition. He co-created LACI’s Transportation Electrification Partnership, which has grown to a coalition of 100 companies calling for a $150B federal stimulus proposal.

Tom founded The Storytellers Institute to create learning platforms that transform tech innovators into irresistible market leaders.

He is a professor of Business and Economics, Marketing, and Triple Bottom Line Impact at The ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, and professor of Leadership, Design Thinking and Storytelling at the International Business School.

Tom is the Chief Revenue Officer at the Network for Global Innovation. He received an MBA, and as an undergraduate was awarded the Industrial Design Society of America’s highest award.